Welcome to Indie Writer Tips.

Here on this blog, I cover a host of topics to help you in your writing journey – from fiction writing craft to blogging to the writerly mindset.

I’m Josiah Rosell – freelance content writer, composition teacher, and budding fiction author. I’ve come a ways in my writing career, and have more miles to go – and I want to share all the lessons I have and will learn from my journey.

Not only will I draw from my own experiences, I’ll synthesize the best advice on independent publishing, from author/podcasterJoanna Penn to publishing guru Jane Friedman to the crazy guys at Sterling & Stone/The Self Publishing Podcast (Johnny, Sean, and Dave).

But I won’t stop with just self-publishers – I’m going to dive deep with experts on all aspects of writing, whether traditionally-minded or indie-inclined.

I’m not here to tout a viewpoint – I’m here to give tips that gain results.

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